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Author: technosites

💣 HEEL PAIN KILLER from Ballotte

Gel liners protect and support your heels from pain, blisters, callus. Hit-and-Absorb foot technology reduces impact, same time side and back protectors pad cup soften chafing, holds heels in place and prevents rubbing and slide.


1) Don’t wear too-tight shoes. 2) Don’t share shoes. 3) Don’t share pedicure utensils with your pals. 4) Don’t hide discolored nails with polish. Let them breathe and treat the underlying issue. 5) Don’t shave calluses. 6) Don’t perform “DIY surgery” on an ingrown nail.

 🙌 Heel Shoe Grips 🙌 

Your heels can be not only sexy but heavenly comfortable too. 🙌 Heel Shoe Grips 🙌 with the ANTI RUBBING EFFECT: specially designed to provide gentle cushioning, removes heel pain and protects skin from blisters, corns or other injuries. Make uncomfortable women’s heel shoes comfy. 👠 Check it via the link