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Inserts for Shoes That are Too Big Heel Grips (12 pcs)

Inserts for Shoes That are Too Big Heel Grips (12 pcs)

❗NON SLIP – New GentleFoam inside the heel grips has improved bubbles structure, when pressure is applied the foam compresses this then allows the material to envelope the heel thus creating superb levels of grip. The open weave structure of the cover is free draining, making the fabric an effective non-slip surface even when wet.
?? SHOES TOO BIG? Ballotte heel grips add extra volume and prevent slipping. Comfort design of extra thick sponge heel grips care the best to fill up volume! Use them to loose fitting shoes, fit perfectly (up to 0.5 size).
❌ BLISTER PREVENTION – Ballotte shoe pads are specially designed to provide gentle cushion for your heel shoes which removes foot pain and protects skin from blisters or other injuries.
? STAY FIRMLY: Long-lasting adhesive for a reliable performance. Simply clean the shoe, pull off the tape covering the adhesive and stick them on the inside of your shoes heel. For best results, follow the instructions
✅ GOOD FOR ANY TYPE OF SHOES – High heels, flats, pumps and boots. Great insert cups liner for women’s blister prevention. A-must-have protection accessory for new shoes.

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6 Colors:

5 Pairs Nude Butterfly, 5 Pairs Black Sponge, 5 Pairs Brown, 5 Pairs Mix, 5 Pairs Nude, 5 Pairs Nude Butterfly