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Metatarsal Pads For Sports – Ball of Foot Cushions Extra Soft Cushioning Inserts, Metatarsal Pads For Women and Men

Metatarsal Pads For Sports – Ball of Foot Cushions Extra Soft Cushioning Inserts, Metatarsal Pads For Women and Men

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  • RAPID FOOT PAIN RELIEF – Our vented foot pads spread forefoot pressure out and ease your pain. Plus, provide extra cushion and reduce the soreness swelling and discomfort. Gel foot pads prevent bunion, corns, and calluses. Good for Morton’s neuroma
  • STAY IN PLACE and ANTI SLIP – Securely stay in place on your foot all day long. It’s like walking on the clouds! Metatarsal pads are made of ultra-stretchy and soft medical silicone to effectively absorb shock and provide superior cushioning.
  • BREATHABLE – The specially designed air holes across metatarsal gel pads allow air to circulate & move freely, which makes the heat more bearable even while you are active or stand long hours, especially for runners.
  • FIT MOST. SUPER SLIM – The pack contains 2 pairs (2 sizes). One small (4-7 UK) and one medium (7-10). Unisex. Foot pads for women and men are slim and for best results wear with compression socks.
  • REUSABLE – mortons neuroma pads are washable and can be used inside socks, tennis shoes, boots, and all kinds of daily footwear for versatile use. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Ballotte gel pads are backed by a 100% happiness guarantee.


Metatarsal pads

When you’re an avid runner, the hardest thing about running is not doing it. Anything that pulls you away from training for that marathon or 5K, or denies you of your favorite morning run, is tough. After all, when you love to run, that’s all you want to do.

But things like burning, stabbing, and aching foot pain in the area just beneath your toes, can keep you from doing what you love – logging your weekly mileage. Unfortunately, runners are at risk for this type of injury, known as Metatarsalgia, because when they push off the ground, the body weight is transferred to the metatarsals, the long bones in the front of the foot. Acting as shock absorbers, this area absorbs as much as 110 tons of cumulative force per mile, so it’s no wonder they can get irritated and become inflamed when uneven distribution of weight occurs.

Though runners most often get this type of pain, it’s an equal-opportunity injury, and can affect anyone. Whether you’re flat-footed, have a high-arch, or any type of sole in between, the intense pressure on your forefoot from standing all day, walking, or overuse, can lead to inflammation and powerful pain in your metatarsals.

Metatarsal pads


Ballotte 2nd generation metatarsal pads with improved high quality TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) material. Now these ball of foot cushions are light, soft, durable, washable and flexible enough to reduce pressure on your forefoot. While other metatarsal pads can break these won’t.Metatarsal pads


With Ballotte breathable Metatarsal Pads you will experience reduced pressure and rapid relief with the extra support this unique and comfortable design provides. Ballotte gets you back on your feet again!

Metatarsal pads


Ballotte gel metatarsal pads are designed with special air holes across vented gel pads. Allows air to circulate move freely and make heat more bearable even while you are active or stand long hours.

Metatarsal pads


These metatarsal pads for men and women cover ball of foot, spread and stretch to cover even the widest of feet. For best results wear with compression socks.

Metatarsal pads


Almost instantly you will feel relief from friction and pressure points as the metatarsal pads absorb shock, remove burning sensation and soothe the ball of foot and metatarsal area by redistributing your weight over the soft gel pad.

Metatarsal pads


Unlike other brands of metatarsal pads on the market, these DO NOT FLIP or SLIDE inside your shoes. We developed a special and extremely comfortable design of metatarsal pads that covers your forefoot! They will stay firmly in place and WILL NOT FLOP AROUND, even if you are running.

Metatarsal pads


PERFECT BALL OF FOOT CUSHIONS FOR – Running, walking, hiking, cycling and any active lifestyle person. Our metatarsal pads are washable, reusable and easy to clean. Use them daily and your feet will sigh with relief.